Whitehills School

Adverse Weather


In Aberdeenshire, Head Teachers decide if and when schools should close due to bad weather or another emergency. In bad weather they will decide this after receiving information about local weather conditions. This decision can be made during any time, day or night. These guidelines outline the procedures for dealing with school closures during bad weather or other emergencies.


If children are at school…


If you are concerned about local weather conditions, contact the school. You may wish to collect your child yourself and are free to do so provided you make arrangements with the school.


Before the start of the school day…

During bad weather some staff may not be able to get to school or bus routes may not be safe to
travel on – so the school may have to close. Head Teachers will advise parents and carers using
the following communication tools:


  1. Out with school hours, your local radio station is a good place to find out information on school
    closures. The following radio stations receive updated information every 30 minutes from our
    Northsound 1
    FM 96.9
    Northsound 2
    MW 1035 kHz
    BBC Radio Scotland
    FM 92.4 – 94.7MW 810 kHz
    Moray Firth Radio
    FM 97.4 MW 1107 kHz
    Waves Radio
    FM 101.2
    Original 106 FM
  2. Twitter
  3. Aberdeenshire Council Website
    You also have the option to sign up to receive email alerts when your school(s) updates their
    closure status:
  4. School Information Line
    Tel: 0370 054 4999 then 022790. If you cannot get through first time, please do not put this
    number on redial. This will only lead to the line being busier.



When there has been severe snow storm during the day it may be prudent for pupils who live some distance from the normal bus routes not to attempt to reach their homes but to spend the night in alternative accommodation nearer school. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform school about any pupils who may be at risk in such situations and to provide the name and address of a relative or friend who is willing to provide overnight accommodation.