Whitehills School

Digital Enquiries

All children at Whitehills School have access to Glow – the Scottish Schools National Intranet. This provides a secure space for children to access a range of learning platforms and resources online as well as engage in learning activities organised by their teacher’s.


Occasionally from time to time issues can arise with technology. At Whitehills School we want to support and help with this as best as we can and have provided a dedicated email mailbox to support children, parents and carers with this. Should any digital issues arise with Glow; for example forgotten passwords and usernames, or accessing particular platforms such as Google Classroom, please contact whitehills.support@aberdeenshire.gov.uk.


Monitored by two of our class teachers, we will try our best to support you as possible within a reasonable time frame, however we are unable to provide instant responses or messaging 24 hours a day. Our support email operates during normal school hours and is subject to teachers firstly providing commitment to their own classes.


Please be aware that only Glow users are allowed to access the Glow service. If you do not have a Glow username and password then you may be committing an offence by trying to gain access to this service.