Whitehills School

School Staff

Team Whitehills

We are extremely fortunate to have hard-working, dedicated people on our staff team. Our class teachers are caring, experienced people who enjoy working with children. In addition to class teachers, we are sometimes able to benefit from the experience of visiting specialist teachers. We have regular visits from an Additional Support for Learning teacher who assists class teachers, providing relevant work for either groups of children or individual children. We ask her to work with all ability levels, not just with those who may be experiencing some difficulties with their work.

The staff team consists of a non-class committed Head Teacher, a teaching team of eight Teachers; six class committed teachers, one non-class contact (NCCT) teacher and one Additional Support for Learning (ASL) teacher. In addition to teaching staff we have a team of non-teaching staff who also help to provide an excellent service within our school community. They are an Early Years Senior Practitioner, an Early Years Lead Practitioner, four Early Years Practitioners, four Pupil Support Assistants, an Administrator, Catering and Cleaning staff and Janitor.


School Leadership

Head Teacher Miss J Hutchison


School Teachers

Teacher Mrs W Addison Primary 5
Teacher Mrs M Baptee Numeracy Support
Teacher Mrs C Duncan Primary 2/3
Teacher Mrs C Gibb Technologies
Teacher Mrs K Hay ASL
Teacher Mr Howes PE/ French
Teacher Mrs S Ledingham Primary 1/2
Teacher Mrs A Robertson Primary 7
Teacher Mr R Thomson Primary 3/4
Teacher Miss N White Primary 6


Early Years Practitioners

EY Senior Practitioner  Mrs L Faid  
EY Lead Practitioner  Miss D Mitchell  
EY Practitioner  Mrs G Coldwell  
EY Practitioner  Miss L Matthew  
EY Practitioner Miss J Milne  
EY Practitioner Miss E Ritchie  


Pupil Support

Pupil Support Assistant Mrs M Cairns  
Pupil Support Assistant Mrs M Milne  
Pupil Support Assistant Mrs C Riach  


School Support

Janitor Mr K Bain  
Administrator Mrs A Ferguson  
CSN Coordinator Mrs N Robertson  

School Catering

Catering Supervisor Mrs K Cleland  
Catering Assistant Mrs J Blanchard  
Catering Assistant Mrs C Ritchie  
Catering Assistant Mrs D Wood